An evening at the San Diego County Fair

Last week Greg and I took a quick trip to the fair. It was a chance for me to experiment we some longer exposurer shooting. I didn't bring a tripod but used a little Jobi gorilla pod as way the way to hold  the camera steady.  A remote release and the 18-55 lens mounted on my Fuji xt1 and I had a kit that made it easy it move around without being in any one's way.  As it has been said before its all happening at the fair. 


Back to the Fair
Friday, June 26, 2015
By Karla Ogilvie
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Last week's blog was about the fair from inside the park.  This week we will take our night view of the fair from outside its gates.  There is a spot I like to go to that you can see the rides, the lights and hear the fun from the street.  It is a quieter version of fun. You hear the screams of joy, see the spinning of the park's rides and smell the smoke. By going to the other side of the fair you will find paddle boarders and occassionally a fisherman or two. Enjoy the fair.  



Wednesday, June 10, 2015
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